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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 2/21/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (February 21, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. Questions that I wanted to ask Rahul Gandhi by Japan K Pathak

  2. Christian Taliban: Hindu Temples set on fire in Silchar

  3. Sexual abuse of Nuns in Convents and Catholic Church

  4. after selling tickets to heaven, now ratzy is peddling new idiocy: Vatican Study says Hell has different ways of punishing males and females by Nizal Yoddha
    to think that people take this garbage seriously! if jesus existed, he would be turning over in his grave out of shame. fortunately, he didn't exist.

    hey, ratzy, i have a good one for you. how many angels can dance on a pinhead? please give the answer correct to two decimal places, and please show the workings of how you arrived at it.
    Superstitions galore of Christian Mythology!

  5. Five hours’ drive to doom by Udayan Namboodiri
    Taliban country is not just a politico-geographic space, but an organism moving fast to overwhelm India with terror, infiltration and economic ruin.

    The problem with the Congress party's foreign affairs think tankers –– who, given the present political outlook seem certain to dominate for at least five more years –– is that too often day-dreamers take the upper hand. The crisis that afflicts Pakistan today should not be seen as just an internal affair of Pakistan. India must recognise that the Talibanisation of Pakistan is already happening and once Islamabad itself is headed by a mullah, the very existence of India will be threatened.

  6. Terror attacks on Mumbai were merely a dress rehearsal for the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, which is planning to unleash a global wave of terror

  7. A policeman has no religion says new Gujarat DGP Sabir Khandwawala
    Q. You have become the first Muslim DGP of Gujarat, your comments?

    A. A policeman has no religion.

    Q. But, the world will look at it like that, especially ahead of a critical election...

    A. No, I have headed districts before and in the police force we work as a team.

    Q. What will be your priorities?

    A. Ours is a well-governed state and we will ensure that the same system continues. Crores of rupees are invested in this state, so we will ensure maintenance of public order, police-public relations, traffic management, and continue good relations with the judiciary and others...

    Q. Do you think the minorities will feel safe under you and have more faith in the police than in 2002?

    A. That was a phase, but now with passage of time, things are viewed differently. I go for my morning walks every day with hundreds of people, alone and never feel insecure

    Q. You were convicted in a case in Junagadh, what happened to it?

    A. It was an exceptional case. Such a case had never happened with a police officer before, which the high court, too, noted in its order when suspending the conviction sentence. But right from Day 1, the home department and CMO were sympathetic towards me.

    Q. But, after that you were superceded and missed promotion as DGP?

    A. It was not a supercession, my promotion was in a sealed cover and government wanted to take a legal view, after which they promoted me.
    No, Time of India, it is pseudo-secular newspaper and media like you who sees everything through "Muslim first" or "must be because he is muslim" skeptic prism. Just like these Anti-Hindu nonsecular communal bigots who had this to say on this appointment,
    Reacting to the announcement, Jesuit-activist Fr Cedric Prakash said, “We have great hopes that Khandwawala will be objective while performing his duties. But this should not be seen as a change of heart of the Modi government. At best, it is a strategic move to wear a secular mask.''

    Mufti Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui, the Imam of Ahmedabad's Jama Masjid, said: “Bohras and other Shia communities have supported Modi in the past elections. People will see the new DGP as a Muslim and that will help the government's image. It is like appointing Muslims as Presidents of India in the past to keep the community happy."
    These guys s**k! I bet that they would have said the exact same thing if this was a news that Modi overlooked Mr. Sabir Khandwawala and superseded him with some one else. But to their racist dismay he did not. Nothing that Mr. Modi does keeping in mind the best for his fellow citizens under his innovative proactive governance will ever be good enough for these Anti-Hindu communal nonsecular Muslim-rightist bigots. So, all y'all should go and f**k yourself.

    This so-called activist should rather worry about sexual exploitation of nuns by his fellow priests than worry about Mr. Modi. Get justice for those nuns who are sexually abused and mentally tortured by the Catholic Church & Convent in Kerela every day. Don't preach the world what you don't practice yourself. No point talking about this Imam who is all hat and no cattle with his biased views for Bhora and hate for Shias. See how he is discriminating between "different Shia communities" and then talking about equality and secularism. Yeah right, Øystein douchebag.

  8. Bringing development to the bahujan within the bahujan by Sudheendra Kulkarni
    H.L. Dusadh is not the typical high-society Delhi intellectual one sees at the India International Centre and other usual places in the seminar circuit. He, like crores of other Indians, is a victim of linguistic discrimination that is as odious, if less subtle, as caste discrimination. For our intellectual establishment displays an arrogant notice at the entrance of its privileged enclave: ‘Entry only for those who speak English.’ Dusadh doesn’t, and most of his colleagues don’t. They write only in Hindi. But the work that they have produced on Dalit empowerment, with meagre resources at their disposal and no institutional research support, is voluminous in quantity, substantive in quality and displays a rare kind of transformational passion that only those with deep grassroots social involvement can summon.

  9. It takes four to tango

  10. The purpose of history by Chandan Mitra

  11. Many straws in the wind by Swapan Dasgupta
    India is wallowing in denial and bad news has ceased to be news—till the last day of voting.

  12. Barbarians at the gate by Kanchan Gupta
    The distance between Swat Valley and Islamabad is 160 km. Jamia Nagar is in Delhi.

  13. UPA must leave poll panel alone by Sandhya Jain

  14. Chawla should step down by A Surya Prakash
    Some sections of the chatterati, which are obviously not well-groomed in the democratic tradition, have been trying relentlessly over the past week to whip up public sentiment against Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami for recommending the removal of his colleague, Mr Navin Chawla, for his avowed pro-Congress leaning.

    The arguments advanced by Mr Chawla’s supporters centre around two points: The CEC has overreached himself in recommending the removal of an Election Commissioner; and, second, it is wholly inappropriate of Mr Gopalaswami to make the recommendation just before the general election. Members of this group, however, make no mention of the allegations against Mr Chawla. Their deafening silence in regard to the controversial Election Commissioner’s appalling curriculum vitae tells its own story about the democratic upbringing of his promoters. However, this is an aspect on which we need to turn the spotlight if we are genuinely committed to democracy and political plurality.

    Therefore, while the Congress tries to deflect the debate onto the CEC, we need to go back to the basics and ask whether a person like Mr Chawla, who has been described as a “tyrant” and declared “unfit” for any public office, should have been appointed an Election Commissioner in the first place. It is not too late. The President must act on the advice of the CEC and remove Mr Chawla.
    A must read on Navin Chawla's role in the dreaded 1975-1977 Emergency imposed by Indira Nehru Feroz Gandhi for which the Shah commission declared him as "tyrant" and "unfit for holding any public office".

  15. A bigot and his ‘Islamic Bomb’ by G Parthasarathy

  16. UPA has put economy a leap backward: Rajnath
    "The only achievement of the UPA has been to take the domestic economy a leap backward. The Indian economy today is in dire straits and facing an unprecedented crisis. The latest Industrial production data of negative growth suggests that India under Congress rule has slipped well into a state of protracted recession," BJP chief Rajnath Singh said.

  17. During UPA rule, 55 million pushed below poverty line by MJ Akbar
    The facts that are moulding the mood of the voter have been gathered by the Indian Statistical Institute, based on data collated by the National Sample Survey Organisation from about 124,000 households across the country. Get ready for a sharp crack in your first illusion.

    The UPA Government, through its economic spokesman Montek Singh Ahluwalia, has sold us the bait that poverty has gone down under its watch. Fact: The number of people living below the poverty line has actually increased by a horrifying 20 per cent. India had some 270 million people below the poverty line in 2004-5, when the present Government took office. That number has gone up by 55 million, or 20 per cent, after five years of policies named after the ‘aam admi’ (common man) but shaped for the ‘khaas admi’ (vested interests).

    The economic map of India has shifted the axis of tension. The old notional north-south line that divided the country into broad politico-cultural halves is passé. There is a new poverty diagonal that separates the nation on a north-west to south-east arc. The India to the east is sinking towards Bangladesh and Burma; India to the west is rising, and becoming the stuff of popular aspiration and fantasy.

    If you want to know why Ms Mamata Banerjee could undermine the ramparts of the red fortress in Bengal, pore over the Indian Statistical Institute report. A stunning 14 out of West Bengal’s 18 districts are among the 100 poorest in India, after three decades of Marxist rule. The most indigent district in the country is not in Bihar, Orissa or Jharkhand, but in West Bengal — Murshidabad, capital of a principality that once included the whole of Bengal, Orissa and a significant part of Bihar.

    When Robert Clive stepped into Murshidabad in 1757 after victory in the Battle of Plassey, he looked around in wonder and exclaimed that it was richer than London. Today he would look around and find women slaving away, making beedis at the rate of Rs 41 for a thousand, out of which the middleman keeps six rupees. In percentage terms, the rich pay far less to their middlemen.

    Muslim-majority Murshidabad has a population density of 1,102 per square km against a national average of 590. Among its constituencies is Jangipur. Its Member of Parliament is the present Finance Minister of India, Mr Pranab Mukherjee. Wouldn't it be ironic if the Marxists were pushed back in West Bengal but won Jangipur, as the law of accountability began to extract its price?

    The job losses that could cross over a hundred million by March are going to have significant impact on voter mood. January saw a fall of 24 per cent in exports from last year.
    Mr. Akbar, don't blame Hindus for the situation in Murshidabad. The population of Murshidabad should have such common knowledge of their civic duty and economic sense of not producing 20-30 kids from 4 wives if they don't have money to feed even one. If the area has gone poor, it is not because of your mythical oppression by Hindus communal theory but because of their own choice of living like in 600 AD accentuated by zero-economic-infrastructure-policies of communal nonsecular parties like Congress, SP, CPI CPM, etc and exploitation by these political parties for divisive vote bank politics. It is not Hindus fault if they don't want to be part of the mainstream Bharat. If they will care to think about studying along with the infidels beyond their radical Madarsas and come out of their wives burkha may be they will earn a paisa or two.

  18. Advani asks party to 'ignore' Rahul Gandhi
    Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi may have reacted strongly to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's comments on his government being "pro-rich," but Leader of Opposition L K Advani asked party workers in his Gandhinagar constituency to "ignore" him (Rahul) and his visits to the state.

    Replying to an agitated young functionary who asked, "why is this boy coming to Gujarat every week when he knows nothing about the state", during an interaction with district level leaders in Gandhinagar on Friday, Advani laughed and suggested, "It is better if we ignore him." He added that taking cognizance of him would only add value to him.

    The suggestion seemed to go down well with the party workers, who assured the BJP's prime ministerial candidate that they would work towards fetching all the 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat for the party.

  19. Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi responds to Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi's anti-Gujarati-Progress comments

    • Modi slams Rahul for his remarks on Nano project by The Daily Pioneer
      Hitting back at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's charge that Gujarat Government doled out incentives worth crores of rupees to Tata's Nano car project while neglecting diamond workers, Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday accused Congress of trying to undermine the car project.

      "They will not succeed in their effort. Congressmen envie the progress in Gujarat and that is why they are trying to puncture the Nano car project," Modi said at a public meeting in Amreli.

      "Tata's Nano project reflects the progress made by Gujarat," Modi said, referring to the remarks made by Rahul Gandhi during his recent visit to the city without naming him.

      Modi alleged that the UPA Government at the Centre has ignored the plight of diamond workers and said suicides of diamond workers is going to change the Government at the Centre in coming elections.

    • Video: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi takes on Rahul Gandhi

  20. Government to set up more central universities
    The plan also proposes enhanced support to universities and colleges with a higher concentration on the students belonging to SC, ST, OBC and Muslim community, Thorat said.
    Why only muslim community? Do Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, etc. not live in Bharat and have "equal" right to education? Then why this favoritism? How about opening Sanskrit Universities/Vishwavidyalayas? Sheer vote bank politics is what it is by this Muslim Rightist government. On one hand you close down Sanskrit Universities in the name of fake universities, you greenify, falsify and toxify the education and then on the other make such communal unconstitutional policies because of your nonsecular favoritism for Muslims only.

  21. ATS gets custody of Indian Mujahideen founder member
    The Mahashtra's Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) on Saturday secured the custody of Sadikh Shaikh, alleged to be a founder-member of Indian Mujahideen, in connection with the July 2006 serial train blasts.

    Shaikh, produced before the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act Judge Y P Shinde who is conducting trial of 21 IM members, was remanded in ATS's custody till March five.

    "Since the Crime Branch in its IM case chargesheet has mentioned Shaikh might be involved in the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts, ATS has taken his custody to verify his role in the blasts," Additional Director General of Police Anti-Terrorism Squad) K P Raghuvanshi said.

    A chargesheet has been filed by the ATS against 13 people for their alleged involvement in the serial train blasts in which 187 persons were killed.

    The ATS has said in the chargesheet of Mumbai serial train blasts that Pakistani nationals had aided Indian nationals in planting the bombs in the trains and then fled the country.

  22. IAS officer accused of sexual assault
    Tripura government has ordered a judicial inquiry into the alleged sexual assault of a woman, who committed suicide, by a senior IAS officer of the state.

    "Food department commissioner B K Roy has been suspended from work and the state CID is interrogating him in connection with abetting the woman to take the drastic step," official sources said on Saturday.

    "Bimal Krishna Roy, a deputy inspector general of police, who is the brother of Roy misused his position to malign the woman's family and her husband," a government official said.

    The woman committed suicide by setting herself ablaze last week. Her husband was arrested on charges of demanding dowry.

  23. Shootout at Uttar Pradesh court, 3 assailants killed

  24. Madras HC orders closure of all courts in Tamil Nadu

  25. Right, Left... nowhere! by Ajoy Bose

  26. VHP asks Muslim groups to issue fatwa on terror
    In a unique effort, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has appealed to Muslim clerics to issue a fatwa declaring that jihad cannot be waged against India.

    The VHP's Dharma Raksha Manch has issued a letter to 13 Muslim organisations asking for India be declared a Dar-Ul-Amen or pure state and stating clearly that Hindus are not infidels.

    The letter quotes emails released by the Indian Mujahideen citing religious dictum to justify the terror attacks on Ahmedabad and Delhi.
    Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

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